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Upcoming Fetish Events

- Vegas  (April 1 - 4  2010)
Gathering of leather-clad, levi-clad cigar and pipemen.  A hit-or-miss annual event.  Lots of bear types.  Cigarbikerman is attending.
CLAW - Cleveland  (April 22 - 25  2010)
Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend is a bit more down-to-earth and smaller.  Those midwestern types are a bit more friendly than at other leather events.
IML - Chicago  (May 28 - 31  2010)
International Mr. Leather is massive.  The last time I went the Leather Mart took of up 2 large convention type rooms.  If you look in the right places you can find pretty much anything here all mixed with socializing, posing and attitude.  Cigarbikerman is attending
L. A. Leather Nights - Feeder contests in Los Angeles for IML.

Cruising Online

Let's face it, there's not much of a public (bar) leather scene in the U.S. any longer.  Occasionally you'll find certain nights and events that cater to a leather crowd, but for the most part, the instinctive cruising that used to take place in atmospheric masculine bars is now about posting photos, instant messaging, chatting dirty and surfing the net to find the connections you're looking for.  There are no keys to the kingdom, you have to approach everyone not knowing what you'll get - it's part of the fun.  Here are the sites I use most often to cruise.  If I find other good sites, I will post them here.

Recon   Manhunt
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Fetish Events

  MAL   Smokeout    CLAW    IML    Folsom East

   Folsom Berlin   Palm Springs Leather Pride   IMR

             Provincetown Mates Leather Weekend

Great Homo Flicks and Hot Hanky Codes
Some interesting numbers on homos in the cinema.  In terms of films with some type of gay
content, 1946 had 0 films, 1981 had 3 and 2005 had over 50.  I find that illuminating. 
Source (Wiki)

 Here’s a few mostly gay-themed films that I think are great:  Maurice (1987) 
 Naked Civil Servant (1975)   Times of Harvey Milk (1984 doc. and better than the movie)  
 His Secret Life (2001).  And some that are supposed to be very good that I haven’t seen:
 Just a Question of Love (2000)   Big Eden (2000)   Yossi and Jagger (2002 )   Simon (2004).

Colored hankerchiefs were more popular in the 70's when leather cruising in public was more
prevalent and fresh.  Nowadays you may occasionally see a hankerchieif or two out at a
club that caters to the Leather/Levi set.  The idea is still relevant and sexy.

The more popular colors are black for leather, red for fisting, yellow for watersports.

Cigarbikerman's Favorite Hanky Colors:
(Left side for Dom, right side for sub)
  • Into dildos
  • Into piss
  • Into almost anything
  • Into bondage
  • Into cops
  • Black - Into leather
  • Into cock and ball torture
  • Into dirty pigs
  • Into rimming
  • Into latex
  • Into cigars

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